Come take a (sometimes boisterous, other times blasphemous) tour around the crypto art world with the Museum of Crypto Art’s founder, Colborn Bell, and lead writer, Max Cohen.

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4 days ago

Today's podcast takes advantage of a quiet time in crypto art to decode, dissect, and predict the future for five fundamental segments of the crypto world. Max and Colborn try to get a sense for the current state of Crypto Art, AI, the Metaverse, Cryptocurrency, and Crypto Culture. Five segments, five underlying questions, a veritable smorgasbord of far-flung answers. This is a good one. 
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Friday Apr 05, 2024

A perfect accompaniment for the post-NFTNYC trip home, this week's episode of MOCA LIVE is an intellectualized look at everyone's favorite internet-addled, gambling mechanism: memecoins. Colborn and Max talk with Anubis3100 and Sirsu, founders of the 747Crash coin, about how memecoins, despite their degenerate reputation, can actually be a powerful force for artist opportunity, can incentivize artistry and other community action, and are the natural evolution of an internet yearning to be commoditized.

Tuesday Apr 02, 2024

On today's MOCAYah or MOCNah, Colborn and Max first look towards the attention moving towards the Base blockchain, as a result of a million-minted XCOPY edition there. Then, they dissect a cultural appropriation conflict between artists Claire Silver and CyberYuyu, and debate the role of highly-intelligent, academic discourse in both crypto art today and any AI-flattened future. Finally, the two talk about the upcoming NFTNYC conference, what they're looking forward to, and what's different about this year's event.

Thursday Mar 28, 2024

Max and Colborn sit down with the great AI artist, an original StableDiffusion contributor, and founder of, Huemin, to get into the weeds about how various AI models actually work, how AI art as we know it came to be, how we can get more AI into more hands with more expertise, and the all-important Open-Source Development community: Keeping them incentivized, keeping them energized, and what are the risks if we don't. 
Visit:  and to learn more (you so should)

Thursday Mar 21, 2024

Today's episode is all about the Metaverse, and who better to speak about it with than the hosts of the longest-running web3 Metaverse meetup (and crypto art OGs), Rizzle and Niftytime. From their early history with TheWIPMeetup, to building a Metaverse audience, to a long debriefing on where the Metaverse is today, Rizzle and Niftytime evoke five years spent building this still-unfinished, still-revolutionary way of being online. 
Click to find:

Monday Mar 18, 2024

Today's MOCYah or MOCNah tackles all the degeneracy in crypto and crypto art of late. That means Crypto Nick and choosing rich! It means Darkfarms1's logic-defying $BOME token! It means Kevin Rose being hopefully, mercifully gone from our lives for good! And it means a whole lot more discussion of Solana vs. Eth, cycles of degeneracy, and much more more! 

Friday Mar 15, 2024

On her record-breaking 3rd MOCA LIVE appearance, performance art extraordinaire OONA joins Max and Colborn to talk live performances, live events, how they go so right and so wrong, maximizing participation/discourse/creativity we meet face-to-face IRL, and so much more. Prepare for laughs, nihilism, and maybe even a few good ideas. 

Thursday Mar 07, 2024

Max and Colborn take a long look at crypto art curation with the curator and writer of TASCHEN's On NFTs, Robert Alice. With Mr. Alice's art historical, curatorial, and cultural expertise on full display, the three discuss the nitty-gritty creation of a giant crypto art book, decentralizing curation, whether or not crypto art is dead, and stories from ON NFTs inception. 

Tuesday Mar 05, 2024

Max and Colborn are back, and this time, they're playing for keeps. Listen and marvel as your two hosts affix the label of MOCYah or MOCNah to all the latest current events, from SHLOMS' latest performance art, the vibes at NFTParis, the curatorial decisions made by TASCHEN and Morrow Collective, and the return of a fan favorite argument "ETH or USD." 

Friday Mar 01, 2024

Today, Max is joined by the multifaceted artist, foundational crypto art writer, and censorship whistleblower, Natrix, to take on the dirtiest topic in "web3": How censorship —by platforms, by Twitter, and by the culture itself— infects everything that happens here. It's a conversation that ranges from Natrix's own experiences being censored, why censorship comes for sex workers first, and the only way we can collectively push back against censoring, centralized forces. 
Natrix's Work Mentioned:
"It's Not Web3 Without Sex Worker Sovreignty" 
Sisteen Chapel of Smut
Cryptosexuality 2.0
"Black and white and red all over"


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